Injection MoldedHex Grips and Honeycomb Grips

The unique design of these injection molded hex or honeycomb grips makes them stand out from the traditional straight grip in terms of both appearance and performance. The hexagonal pattern provides an upscale look while enhancing comfort with its non-slip, vibration dampening design.

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Size Details

Bar Diameters to Fit: 7/8" and 1-1/4"

Materials and Finishes

Honeycomb Grips feature a matte finish and are made from a flexible PVC material that provides both comfort and durability. Honeycomb Grips are stocked in black for immediate shipment. The Hex models, including the Hanging Hex grip are production items and can be ordered in black, yellow, red, green, blue, white and gray.  Custom colors are considered on request.

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HEX Grip, hex grips, hex hand grip, hex hand grips, hex hand grip manufacturer
Model HEX

Series Number: 40 00204

Bar Size: 7/8"

Outside Length: 4.5"

Hanging Hex Grip, hex grips, hex hand grip, hex hand grips, hex hand grip manufacturer
Model Hanging HEX

Series Number: 40 00294

Bar Size: 7/8"

Outside Length: 4.5"

Honeycomb Grip
Honeycomb Grip

Series Number: N/A

Bar Size: 1-1/4"

Outside Length: 4.55"

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