GripsDip Molded Plastic Grips

As the industry leader in the design and manufacture of custom plastic hand grips, GripWorks has assembled a selection of hand grip sizes, styles, and materials that is unrivaled. By utilizing the highly flexible dip molding manufacturing process and automated double dipping methods, GripWorks is able to create grips in different lengths, wall thicknesses, materials and surface textures without tooling charges.

Standard styles are listed below, but we can also develop custom grips for high-volume applications.


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Double Dipped
  Round Grips - Round End, round hand grips, round hand grips, round hand grip manufacturer
Round Grips - Round End
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Round Grips - Flat End
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Flat Grips
  Finger Nub Grips, finger nub grip, finger nub hand grip, finger nub hand grips,
Contour Finger Nubbed Grips
  Ribbed Grips, rubber grip, rubber hand grip, rubber hand grips, dip molded rubber grips
Contour Ribbed Grips
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Contour Angle Grips
  Hanger Grips, hangar grip, hangar grips, hangar hand grips, hanger hand grip, hangar hand grip manufacturer
Hanger Grips
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As the global leader in dip molding, GripWorks has the ability to manufacture grips in a wide variety of materials.  Our Flexfit and Softex™ material families, however, represent the majority of what we produce. These vinyl materials come in a variety of colors and durometers and can often be "double-dipped" to achieve specific functional or aesthetic goals.

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Flexfit Grips

Flexfit grips feature a smooth, shiny surface while providing ample cushioning for a wide variety of applications. They are ideal for decorating with logos or instructions and are available in a variety of colors and durometers. 

Softex Grips, softex grip, softex hand grips, softex hand grip manufacturer, softex hand grip supplier
Softex™ Grips

This textured material simulates the look and feel of rubber while providing the non-slip surface typically associated with foam grips. Numerous colors and durometers are available and the grips can be printed, punched or sliced.  

Vynafoam Grips, vynafoam grip, vynafoam hand grip, vynafoam hand grips
Vynafoam Grips

Vynafoam is a unique material that combines the look and cushion of foam grips with the durability of vinyl. Its exposed cell structure provides a superior, slip-resistant finish that resists weather and perspiration while maintaining greater durability than most foam grips.

Vynaprene Grip, vynaprene grips, vynaprene hand grip, vynaprene hand grips
Vynaprene Grips

Vynaprene offers the non-slip feel of a rubber grip in a low cost, dip molded vinyl material. It is typically used as an overlay material in double-dipped grips, it resists cracking, splitting and has excellent weathering properties.

Polysuede Grips, polysuede grip, polysuede hand grips, polysuede hand grip
Polysuede Grips

Polysuede grips feature a soft brushed finish with a slip-resistant, “suede-like” appearance. They add a touch of class to any product while maintaining the durability and "cleanability" of vinyl grips.

Rubber and Plastic Materials for Grips

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