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For applications requiring hand grips that are open on both ends, GripWorks manufactures a wide variety of plastic sleeves. These grips are ideal for applications like push bars and hand rails, but can also be used to add value to long handled tools.  GripWorks' vinyl tubes and sleeves are manufactured two different ways.

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1. Extruded Vinyl Tubing (FPVC)

Extruded, soft plastic, vinyl tubing offers a cost effective option for those looking to add some level of cushioning to a bar or handle.

Tubing is available in both glossy and flat finishes in many different colors. It can be extruded and cut to length in-line in any length you choose - making it ideal for high volume applications that demand low cost grips.

The biggest drawback to vinyl tubing is that its cushioning properties and surface textures are relatively limited.  Wall thicknesses of approximately 0.075” - 0.080” are common.



2. Dip Molded Vinyl Sleeves - Punched or Sliced

The other primary option to extruding vinyl is to dip mold a vinyl grip and then slice or punch the closed end to make the grip open on both ends.

Vinyl Sleeves, vinyl grip sleeves, vinyl grip sleeve, vinyl handgrip sleeves, vinyl handgrip sleeve

The primary advantage that these dip molded vinyl sleeves have over extruded vinyl sleeves is that they can be made in a wide variety of more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing grip materials.  Plus, they are often more cost effective for lower volume applications.


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