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Made from a variety of proprietary foam formulas, GripWorks’ line of foam grips contains the solution for almost any hand grip application. Styles range from standard foam grips to extruded foam sleeves and tubes. The rubber grip materials come in a wide variety of formulas, densities, and finishes. The rubber material is processed in-house, fed into the extruder, cured and cooled resulting in soft foam grips, tubes, or GripWrap.

A GripWorks representative can help guide you through the process for designing a foam rubber grip or tube for your application. Standard styles are listed below or you can create a custom foam grip with the help of our design engineering team. 

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Contoured Foam Hand Grips

Our standard hand-sized rubber grips feature a cushiony, foam contoured design ideal for a wide variety of applications. GripWorks offers numerous rubber grip stock sizes and foam grip styles or can custom make your design for a nominal fee.

  Buffed Foam Grips, buffed foam grip, buffed foam hand grip, buffed foam hand grips
Buffed Foam Grips

By buffing off the exterior skin of the tube, we can convert foam tubes into foam grips that have a sponge-like exterior with a suede-like feel.  

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Foam Tubes

Foam tubes feature a smooth surface and are not run through the secondary process. They are ideal for applications requiring extra long grips like long handled tools, safety bars, and fitness equipment.

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Splined Foam Tubes

Splined foam tubes are manufactured in the same manner and same materials as our standard foam tubes, but feature a ribbed surface that give the grips a different appearance.

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Foam Grip Wrap™

Our innovative and durable foam grip wrap is ideal for applications where grips or sleeves cannot be applied in the manufacturing process. 

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Customized Solutions

Whether you need a thicker foam tube to serve as a pad or want to print your brand name or instructions on the product, our team can work with you to customize a foam tube to your needs.


As you may imagine, not all rubber grips are created alike. Different rubber and plastic compounds are used to achieve foam materials with very different physical characteristics and properties. At GripWorks our chemists have spent a significant amount of time developing materials that focus on meeting the unique needs of our clients.

Most of these formulas are available in multiple densities. Density is the measurement of material per cubic inch and it is highly related to the durability and cushion that a grip will possess.

 NPVC Foam Grips, foam grip, foam grips, foam hand grip, foam hand grips
NPVC Foam Grips

Our workhorse material due to its low cost, NPVC foam grips are available in three standard densities to fulfill a large range of applications.

 UV-NPVC Foam Grips, foam grip, foam hand grip, foam hand grips, foam hand grip manufacturer
UV-NPVC Foam Grips

This proprietary material results in an economical rubber grip that has the same qualities as our NPVC foam grips with additional outdoor ozone and weather resistant qualities.

 EPDM Foam Grips, foam grip, foam hand grip, foam hand grips, foam hand grip manufacturer
EPDM Foam Grips

An industry standard in the foam tubing market, this material is often used for outdoor applications.

 Resilience Foam, foam grip, foam hand grip, foam hand grips, foam hand grip manufacturer
Resilience Foam Grips

An extremely elastic material that produces foam tubes with textured exterior surfaces.

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Printing, Packaging & More

GripWorks offers a full array of finishing operations to satisfy all of your requirements. The following options are available for all of our foam grips and vinyl grips, including tool grips, handle grips, and just about any grip application possible.

  • Imprinting
  • Punching 
  • Slicing
  • Washing
  • Packaging

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