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GripWorks designers, engineers and sales specialists thrive on specifying the best grip for every application.  Our grips are used in a wide variety of industries and we are always looking for new opportunities.

Camo Bucket with Gripworks Handle
Comfort Grip

Product: Buffed Foam Grip
Application: Bucket

Klein Tool Pliers with Vinyl Plastic Grip
Visibility + Comfort

Product: Vinyl Plastic Grip
Application: Long-Nose Pliers

Air Hose ith Injection Molded Plastic Grip
Multi-functional Grip

Product: Injection Molded
Plastic Grip
Application: Air Hose

  Swimmer's Block with Slip Resistant Grips
Branded Hand Grip

Product: Printed Softex™ Grip
Application: Swimmer's Block

  Latch Hook Tool with Custom Comfort Grip
Hand Stress Reducer

Product: Custom Foam Grip
Application: Latch Hook

Snow Shovel with Foam Tube Grip
Comfortable Foam Sleeve

Product: Foam Tube 
Application: Snow Shovel

Rake with Foam Sleeve fro Added Comfort
Green Foam Sleeve

Product: Colored Foam Tube
Application: Rake

Heavy Duty Scraper with Foam Grip
Comfort Grip 

Product: Buffed Foam Grip
Application: Heavy-Duty Scraper

Garden Hoe with Double Dipped Grip
Comfort Meets Durability

Product: Double Dipped Grip
Application: Garden Hoe

Spade with Colorful Hand Grip
Branding + Function

Product: Double Dipped Grip
Application: Spade

Electrical Hand Tool with Cushion Grip
Precision Comfort

Product: Custom Double Dipped
Application: Electrical Hand Tool

Rake with Double Dipped Grip
Comfort & Closure

Product: Double Dipped Grip
Application: Rake

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