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NPVC foam grips

NPVC foam has historically been the standard material in the foam grip industry. Much of this stemmed from the fact that NPVC foam tubes were one of the only raw materials that were available on the market. Unfortunately, since most of these foam tubes were not designed for grip applications, they performed very poorly.

By investing in the equipment necessary to make NPVC foam tubing, GripWorks was able to overcome the shortcomings of the existing products and extrude foam tubes designed specifically for grip applications. What evolved were custom formulations that were stronger and capable of holding tighter tolerances.

GripWorks remains one of the only grip companies in North America to both extrude and buff NPVC foam.

NPVC foam has excellent vibration dampening qualities and good weathering capabilities. It is available in a variety of colors and three standard densities.

Low Density NPVC Foam

Extremely soft and flexible. Great for buffed grips or foam tubes that will be used as grips. Thinner buffed grips in this formula will have limited durability, but still function well on many low priced consumer applications.

Medium Density NPVC Foam

Our most common NPVC material, it is the perfect combination of softness and durability. It can be used on a wide variety of applications.

High Density NPVC Foam

Harder and more durable. Used on many commercial grade products and industrial items.


NPVC foam grips are available in both straight foam tubes and splined tubes as well as buffed, FHG and custom styles.

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