Case StudyDurable Yet Comfortable Hand Grips Tolerate Daily Use on Mobility Equipment

Wear and tear is the issue at hand, that is, the grip in the hand. Heavy daily usage must be met with great tolerance and comfort for hand grips. VynaFoam grips provide both requirements.


VynaFoam Hand Grips on Mobility Equipment

Durable, Yet Comfortable Hand Grips

The GRIT Freedom Chair requires a performance multi-position tactile interface for the hand levers actuated by the rider. The whole length of the levers necessitate grip while wet, comfort when controlled in the hands, and high durability with repeated actuation. Initially GRIT used road bike handlebar tape, which required professional installation. The wraps were not very wear resistant nor easily serviced by the rider.

GripWorks, utilizing their proprietary Vynafoam material, provided grips that had a more consistent tactile feel at all locations along the lever, rapid installation in production, durability to abrasion, and availability in colors for personalization.

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VynaFoam Grips on GRIT Freedom Chair

A True Testament

“My GRIT Freedom Chair has changed my quality of life immensely. I feel like I can finally connect with the rest of my family in their activities without the pain and exhaustion. I live in a mountainous area, so even roads and sidewalks themselves have proven a challenge for me to get out of my own home for a long time. But now things are starting to look up again. Having atrophy in my hands and struggling with fine motor skills, it's incredible how significant the change is with the push levers as opposed to traditional hand rims.” - Mikal C.


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VynaFoam grip on GRIT Freedom Chair - All Terrain Wheelchair

GRIT Models

GRIT offers different models of the GRIT Freedom Chair, including the 3.0, the Pro, and the GRIT Junior. While each are lever-propelled, all-terrain wheelchairs designed to take on anything from everyday adventures to rough outdoor excursions, riders can customize their GRIT Freedom Chair for their lifestyle and preferences.

The GRIT Freedom Chair: 3.0 is the most popular model and includes mountain bike wheels, a tubular steel frame, the ability to easily swap standard mountain bike parts for customization, and quick-release rear wheels, seatback, and footrest for easy storage and transport. The GRIT Freedom Chair: Pro features Spinergy wheels with Polyphenylene Bensobisoxazole (PBO) spokes, a contoured adjustable seat back, and can easily be fitted with a chest harness for additional support.


VynaFoam Hand Grips on GRIT Freedom Chair

Accommodating for Size

The GRIT Junior is designed especially for and to grow with kids, with all the off-road adventure features of a GRIT Freedom Chair, sized for the youngest riders to self-propel or receive some assistance.

Don't stop here. Watch the hand grips and GRIT Freedom Chair in action.

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