Online Store Expands Line of USA Made Vinyl Hand Grips

Vinyl Hand Grips in small quantities are added to ecommerce store

Arnold, MO - December 30, 2009 - Within weeks after the grand opening of the GripWorks online store, you will find a broader selection of vinyl hand grips in quantities as low as five grips. The store facilitates a buyer's efforts in finding hand grips for their products. The online store convenience relieves the buyer from multiple phone calls, offers swift order processing and an easy billing process. Orders placed in the store typically ship within a 24 hour period and payment is by credit card.

The new additions are Flat Hand Grips of vinyl material. These flat vinyl grips are designed to fit rectangular bars used on tools, levers, and ball valves to name a few applications. Once you enter the store, you will find the flat hand grips in the vinyl hand grip section. Each item is further defined by dimensions, color and package quantities. Clicking on a part number will open a new screen with complete details for the item.

Visit the new GripWorks store today for full details of all the stock hand grips and rubber tubing available, or call 800-827-GRIP (4747).