New Line of Injection Molded Hand Grips

Five New Styles of Injection Molded Hand Grips Are Offered

GripWorks, a leading manufacturer of hand grips for original equipment manufacturers, has added 5 new styles of injection molded hand grips to complement its existing line of vinyl dip molded hand grips and extruded foam grips. The new grips have been introduced due to increased demand and a lack of supply in the market.

"Over the last 2 decades, U.S. manufacturers that used large volumes of hand grips like those producing bicycles, fitness equipment, and garden tools have gone out of business or moved their manufacturing operations to Asia," says Jeff John, Sales Manager for GripWorks. "Our business was not affected too much by this movement as our grips were used extensively on hand tools, outdoor power equipment, and other items manufactured in North America, but many grip manufacturers went out of business because of these changes in the market."

GripWorks studied this industry problem and decided that the demand for injection molded grips remained strong enough to justify the tooling, equipment and inventory investment. Its new line of injection grips is now available in 5 different styles and is manufactured in one of the company's existing manufacturing facilities in St. Louis, Missouri.

"Knowing that much of the demand for these grips will come from companies looking for smaller quantities for specialty tools or replacement parts, we will stock each style in black and sell them in box quantities with as few as 25 grips through our online store," added Mr. John. Bulk packaging and pricing will also be available for those requiring larger quantities.

The new grips will be molded from a flexible PVC material and utilize 5 popular styles including straight and tapered designs, grips with finger nubs and ribbed-fins, and a unique grip with a honeycomb pattern on its surface. All of these grips feature slightly downsized inside diameters to fit tightly on the most standard bar sizes and the tight tolerances typically associated with the injection molding process.

Purchases can be made through the GripWorks Online Store or by calling 800-827-GRIP (4747). Orders placed in the store typically ship within a 24 hour period and payment is made by safe and secure credit card processing.