Injection Molded Grips

injection molded gripsThe injection molding process is ideal for manufacturing grips with unique contours and patterns that are difficult or impossible to achieve using other grip processing technologies.  The process utilizes two exterior cavities that mold the plastic grip over an internal die to ensure a consistent inside diameter that provides a safe and secure fit.  While not as flexible as the dip molding process, injection molding creates grips with very low tolerances.  GripWork’s line of injection molded grips come in a variety of styles. 


Hunt Wilde Grips Gripworks is Now Manufacturing
Hunt Wilde Grips

In September of 2011, GripWorks acquired the molds and marketing rights to the line of Hunt Wilde injection molded grips. Hunt Wilde grips are now being manufactured in our facility near St. Louis, Missouri.


The Straight Grip (Injection Molded)
The Popular Straight Grip features a very simple and traditional design.  This grip is designed to fit securely on a standard 1” diameter bar, but the flexible nature of the material can also conform to other shapes as long as the outside circumference allows for a secure fit.


The Classic Finger Grip
The Classic Finger Grip is known by many as the original bicycle grip. Of course, over the years, bicycles have evolved and so have their grips.  Still, finger or bike grips remain a popular choice for applications ranging from kids toys to garden tools.


Rib-Finned Grips
These injection molded grips offers a unique look and added comfort over many other grip styles.  Closely spaced ribs made from a low durometer flexible vinyl material provide cushioning and vibration dampening qualities that have made these grips ideal for bicycles, outdoor power equipment, and many other applications.


Honeycomb Grip
The unique design of these injection molded hex or honeycomb grips makes them stand out from the traditional straight grip in terms of both appearance and performance. The hexagonal pattern provides an upscale look while enhancing comfort with its non-slip, vibration dampening design.


Flanged Tapered Grip
The unique design of these Flanged Tapered Grips makes them ideal for applications requiring consistent hand placement.  The tapered design keeps the users hand from drifting off the end of the grip while the abrupt flange resists any forward movement.   These grips have proven to be very popular choice for bicycles, fitness equipment, and a variety of tools and equipment.


FPVC is used to produce most of our plastic injection molded hand grips.

Many items are stocked in black. Production orders are accepted for red, blue, white, green, yellow and gray. Custom colors are considered upon request.

Our engineers can work with you to design a custom ergonomic grip especially for your application.

Typical Injection Molded Hand Grip Applications include:

  • Outdoor Power Equipment
  • Hand Trucks
  • Lawn and Garden Tools
  • Medical Equipment
  • Home HealthCare Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Maintenance or Janitorial Equipment
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Grease Guns
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Sporting Goods
  • Toys
  • Kid’s Bicycles