Frequently Asked Questions

Can you match colors?
Colors can be matched at our in-house material formulation lab. However, we have so many standard colors available that we can typically find a standard color to work in most customer’s applications.

What materials do you use to make the grips?
While we use a variety of material formulations, the vinyl grips are made
from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), and the foam grips are made from sponge rubber blends of NPVC, CPE-EDPM, and EDPM. We also offer sleeves made from FPVC, TPR, Vinyl, Foam, and Resilience.

What is Prop 65 labeling and how does it affect me?
Sinclair & Rush products are compliant with California Proposition 65 due to our decision to provide the appropriate warning label on our applicable products. If you utilize certain Sinclair & Rush products and do not choose to label your product according to California Proposition 65 requirements, you may find your products are not compliant with California Prop 65. For more details, please research, read our Proposition 65 statement, or contact your salesperson for further assistance.

Can you print on the grips?
Yes. Our in-house finishing department utilizes silkscreen, pad printing, heat stamp and decal machines to apply single or multi-color prints.

Can the grips be washed?
Need parts that are free of mold lubricants? Utilize our industrial washing process to ensure parts are void of any external substance.

Does Gripworks have custom molding capabilities?
Yes, please request our video for more information on our custom capabilities. Also, it is important to note that we can usually vary the length, wall thickness, and texture of a product without tooling charges.

How expensive is custom tooling?
Tooling for dip molding typically costs a fraction of injection molded tooling. Actual costs will vary depending on the size of the part and the number of molds that we create. Please consult one of our sales representatives for more information.

Is there a minimum order for custom projects?
Each custom project is evaluated in regards to its design complexity, annual volume and part size. Gripworks employs multi-tasking small batch machines for projects which cannot be efficiently run on large machines. Please contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

Can I return products if they do not fit?
It is very important to test samples before placing an order. All sales of production items are final. Stock items can be returned in full box quantities, but are subject to a restocking charge.

Do you have a price list?
The flexibility of the vinyl dip molding and foam extrusion processes allow for an almost infinite number of products. Consequently, we do not publish a price list. Please send us your request and we will be happy to provide a quote for the items for which you have interest.

Do you have a representative in my area?
Gripworks salespeople are trained employees of our company. Please contact our office for the salesperson that services your region.

Do you sell directly or through distributors?

How can I set up credit with your company?
Gripworks sells on Net 30 Terms with credit approval or you can pay by credit card; we accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Where is your shipping point?
Arnold, Missouri for U.S. shipments, Maidstone, Kent for European Shipments, and Riverstone, NSW for Australian and Asian orders.

Is there a minimum order amount?
Gripworks has a $50.00 minimum order* on standard colors and stock parts, with a default to full box quantities. Full box quantities are typically 1,000 pieces or more*.

*except orders from the online store

For orders of less than 1,000 pieces, please view our online store. Here you will find our stock selection of grips and tubes, many with lower quantity options. It's fast and it's easy to view items and place orders. Visit today!

Do I get an order confirmation?
After your order has been submitted you will receive a fax or e-mail confirmation.

Can I receive a sample of a part that is not stocked?
Samples of non-stock, standard items (different color, material or length) are made in our sample lab and typically mailed within one week.

Can I receive free samples?
We encourage our customers to test any grip on their application to ensure a proper fit. Samples of stock items can generally be mailed within 24 hours.

How do you mail samples?
Samples are typically sent via 1st class mail. Priority services are available if you provide your account information.