Case Study - Simple Slice

StronglineUSA Pairs with GripWorks, Hand Grip Manufacturer

A Simple Slice Converts a Dip Molded Vinyl Cap to a Sleeve

Secondary Operation Cuts Project Cost in Half

A novel concept for a new product can lead to an adventure full of surprises. The challenge to get a product retail ready can be daunting, but when you have a strong belief in the product the efforts will pay off. A young entrepreneur was in this position producing new water sport equipment designed to assist a person to get upright into skiing or wakeboarding position. Instructions needed to be presented on the equipment and, in addition, for safety reasons warning messages were required.

Tubing available in varying lengths from GripWorks, Hand Grip Manufacturer

The young entrepreneur determined the best option would be to apply the messages directly on the equipment itself to better serve the end user. Initially, he planned to use two tubes printing instructions on one and the warnings on the other. Certain the tubing would have to be extruded he knew the process would require a very high minimum purchase quantity. This was going to add to the cost of the new equipment. It was time he did some online surfing where he discovered GripWorks, a Sinclair & Rush Company. GripWorks manufactures plastic tubes and sleeves. As expected, these tubes are produced using the extrusion process.

Alternatives to creating sleeves from GripWorks, Hand Grip Manufacturer

However, when a GripWorks Regional Account Manager began to explain other options, the entrepreneur became more and more delighted, not to mention relieved. Since the tubes only needed to be four inches in length the extrusion process could be avoided. StronglineUSA Prints messages on sleeves from GripWorks, Hand Grip ManufacturerA dip molded long cap/grip could be produced in more appropriate quantities, eliminating the concern of high minimums. Next, the closed end of the long cap/grip would be sliced off producing a tube or sleeve, open on each end.

Finally, the printing capabilities of Sinclair & Rush is efficient enough to print both instructions and warnings on the same sleeve, eliminating the need for two tubes. This surprise saved the entrepreneur over half of the anticipated costs! The new equipment will soon be on the market so if you are headed out for some fun in the sun, be sure to check it out.