Case Study - Branded Hand Grips

Printed Grips Provide Purpose, Protection and Enforces Branding

Logo Printing Option on Grip Instills Brand Recognition

How you brand and where you brand can make for a stronger brand and a leading manufacturer of pool equipment utilizes branding to the maximum potential. One of their product lines includes pool starting blocks, which help competitive swimmers excel as they propel into the water. Starting blocks are used from both out of the water and in the water, with feet and hands playing the most important roles. When jumping into water, the hand gripping feature is an optional tool. When setting up to swim a backstroke, hand grips are necessary for the push-off.

Kiefer Starting Block with VynaFoam Hand Grips from GripWorks, Hand Grip Manufacturer

Starting blocks by Kiefer are made of 100% domestic steel, including the steel rod hand grip portion of the equipment. Covering the gripping rods would aid the swimmer in grabbing better hold of the rod. The grip needed to be water resistant, yet be comfortable to the hand. A search for the right hand grip material led to GripWorks.

Realizing that a soft foam grip would likely breakdown rapidly under the constant water conditions to which it would be exposed, the foam material, in this case, would not hold water. While many of the GripWorks foam materials have excellent weather resistant qualities, there was a better option. A GripWorks Regional Account Manager was ready with an easy remedy that would meet both requirements. A VynaFoam grip was the perfect solution. Made of durable vinyl, the grip is first dip molded to form the interior layer. Then a second dip molding operation utilizes a proprietary material that has an appearance of soft foam. A cushion-like touch for the hands, the grip material has a superior non-slip finish, which is very important to the swimmer. Meanwhile, the vinyl interior layer grabs the steel rod to remain tightly in place.

Kiefer Logo on VynaFoam Hand Grips from GripWorks, Hand Grip Manufacturer

But the next option offered by GripWorks is the ability to print on the VynaFoam grip. The addition of a printed logo applied to the VynaFoam material significantly aids in promoting the brand. As shown in the image above, this Kiefer starting block is very well promoted with four branded hand grips. Used in competitive swimming and installed in aquatic facilities around the world, including universities and various municipalities, this brand is sure to be seen and produce a strong winner. One might suggest that this is a branding success right from the starting block!