Case Study - Hand Grip Serves a Crafty Purpose

Hand Grip Serves a Crafty Purpose

Hand Grip Crafts Comfort, Relieves Fatique

As an established member in the craft industry, with nearly 30 years experience, Kahoot Products knows the ins and outs of knitting, crochet, and latch hook. Their need to improve the comfort of their latch hook hand tool led them to GripWorks.

Latch hook first surfaced in the nineteenth century and is different from traditional rug making. Revitalized in the 1930’s, latch hook rugs became popular after the hand hook tool, with a latch, was developed. As with most anything you do, especially after many hours, you hope to do it in comfort. Hand fatigue would set in after several hours using this new hand hook tool. Our customer realized they needed to find a solution to prevent fatigue for those long latch hook projects.

Latch Hook Grip from GripWorks, Hand Grip Manufacturer

That’s where Grip Works stepped in. We were able to offer an ergonomic grip in a color that was appealing to the eye. The design of this hand grip allows for easy assembly to the latch hook tool and provides comfort during long latch hook projects.