Straight Grips

The Popular Straight Grip features a very simple and traditional design.  This grip is designed to fit securely on a standard 1” diameter bar, but the flexible nature of the material can also conform to other shapes as long as the outside circumference allows for a secure fit.


Size Details
The Straight Grip is designed to fit tightly on a 1” diameter bar.

  • 0.960" inside diameter
  • 4.930" inside length
  • 0.190" hole in the closed end

Materials & Finishes
The Straight Grip features a matte finish and is made from a flexible PVC material that provides both comfort and durability.

Straight Grips grips are stocked in black for immediate shipment. Please visit our online shop for availability. Production orders are accepted for red, blue, white, green, yellow and gray. Custom colors considered upon request.

Finishing Operations
Straight Grips can be printed and punched. Please visit our finishing section for more information.