Flanged Tapered Grips

The unique design of these Flanged Tapered Grips makes them ideal for applications requiring consistent hand placement.  The tapered design keeps the users hand from drifting off the end of the grip while the abrupt flange resists any forward movement.   These grips have proven to be very popular choice for bicycles, fitness equipment, and a variety of tools and equipment.


Size Details

  • 0.800" inside diameter
  • 4.140" inside length
  • 0.187" hole in the closed end

Materials & Finish
Flanged Tapered Grips feature a matte finish and are made from a flexible PVC material that provides both comfort and durability.

Flanged Tapered Grips grips are stocked in black for immediate shipment. Please visit our online shop for availability. Production orders are accepted for red, blue, white, green, yellow and gray. Custom colors considered upon request.